Saturday, March 26, 2011

Green Lantern: Secret Origin - Review

A New Emerald Dawn Rises

In this new take on Hal Jordan's beginnings, writer Geoff Johns focuses more on Hal's upbringing, the death of his father, and a much more sinister reason for Abin Sur's death and the passing of his ring. Chronicling his first encounters with villains such as Atrocitus and Black Hand, it sets the stage for the wars with the other ring corps, as well as the fabled "Blackest Night."

This may be a story that's been told over a dozen times, but this one fits in so well with the cannon of Johns' take on Green Lantern that it's more than welcomed into the franchise. Johns has taken a character that many of us have loved for years and given him the series run that he's always deserved. This collection of the 7 issue run of the Green Lantern: Secret Origin series is well worth anyone's time. One character who I found to be really entertaining in this volume was Sinestro. Many writers have portrayed him as being completely evil and devoid of logic, but Johns makes him into what makes all villains wonderful -- sympathetic.

The artwork is wonderful, and at times it feels like you're reading/watching a blockbuster film. I only wish that this story was more of the inspiration for the Green Lantern movie, but I can't have everything I want. With Johns on board helping with the direction of the film, I can only hope that some of his power ring mojo will be represented up on screen.

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