Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Green Lantern #64: War of the Green Lanterns Pt. 1 - Review

It's on like Emerald Donkey Kong!

The War of the Green Lanterns has begun as Krona takes the six entities of the different rings and infects the Guardians of the Universe. To make matters worse, he infects the central power battery on Oa with Parallax, infecting nearly all of the Green Lantern Corps members! Hal Jordan is the only one left standing as his Corps members attack him and the leaders of the other Corps are imprisoned in the Book of Black. The ultimate battle for the universe is about to begin. Like the Manhunter robots before them, the Green Lantern Corps is about to do some serious damage to the population of the universe.

Written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Doug Mahnke, this issue is oozing awesomeness from the get go. Of all of the recent Crisis Events that the Green Lantern series has had these past few years, this is the one I'm most excited to see. The feeling that I get from reading this series is the same I get when I watch the original Star Wars trilogy with my friends. It's just the best mix of modern and classic science fiction and adventure that makes you want to keep turning the page. I'll be giving constant updates on this event, as well as dropping any opinions I might have as the story progresses.

Right now, I can only say that I'm glad that the series is exploring more of the insubordination that Jordan poses to the Guardians, and that sometimes it's more important to go with what's right, rather than with the law.

The cover itself is really fun, which features dozens of Green Lanterns brawling in space. I can't wait to see how my other favorite Lanterns, Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner, fit into this picture.

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