Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Green Lantern #63: Prologue to WAR OF THE GREEN LANTERNS - Review

There Will Be Only Three

This month, Hal Jordan is labeled a traitor to the Green Lantern Corps, the cosmic entities that give all the different Lanterns their power have been captured, and the heads of every Corps discover the startling truth about the origin of the ring's power.

Anyone who has read DC comics for a long time knows who Krona is, but if you're new to the medium, here's a heads up. The Guardians of the Universe, who run the Green Lantern Corps, were once tall and flawed beings much like humans. One of them, a scientist named Krona, believed he could trace back through time the beginning of existence and the birth of the light and emotional spectrum. He was labeled a heretic and chased down by the Manhunter robots that the Guardians originally used to carry out their will. When Krona built a gauntlet that allowed him to channel the green light spectrum, he was able to defeat a squadron of Manhunters and reprogram them. These renegade Manhunters then slaughtered an entire sector of space. How big is a sector? The Manhunters, before they were stopped, killed billions and billions of people, giving birth to the Red Lantern, Atrocitus.

Krona is back, and plans to take all of the different powers of light in order to bring emotion to the forefront of existence. After reading the truth in the Book of Black, Hal Jordan learns that the next chapter in the book involves a war between the Green Lanterns, and an eerie prophecy that only three rings will remain, with a picture of himself, Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, and John Stewart fighting over them.

Geoff Johns is weaving what I believe to be one of the best mainstream comic book mythos in the history of comics. This Green Lantern series has become one of the lead titles and event tying books in the DC Universe. The writing is solid, and every page makes me want to see more of this burgeoning space opera.

If you're a big fan of Star Wars and superheroes, this is the book series you should be reading.

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