Thursday, March 10, 2011

Emerald City Comic Con - Review


The Con

Before going to ECCC in Seattle, WA, I had never been to a Comic Book Convention before. I wasn't really sure what to expect, though I had a general idea from movies and TV shows. When I first walked in, it was like a sensory overload with how many pieces of artwork, walls of merchandise, and famous creators there were across the booths and tables. The sheer size of it all was enough to make me gasp as I walked up and down the booths, talking to the heads of publishers and to vendors about different comics, movies, and TV.

I spent the first day handing out business cards to promote the comic book series that I'm doing with artist Kendall Goode, and met Bruce Timm (Batman: TAS, Justice League), Mark Waid (Kingdom Come, Irredeemable), and Steve Jones (Character Designer for Justice League Unlimited). All of them were incredibly nice guys and were more than willing to take my business card and talk to me for a moment or two.

The Panels

A part of the convention that I really ended up liking was the panels. Basically there are meeting rooms with tons of chairs and a podium, where people do Q & A subjects on different topics.

The DC Nation Panel with Editor-in-Chief Bob Harris

The panels I saw, and I think this is in order over the three days, were The DC Nation Panel, where they talked about upcoming projects and opened up discussion to the audience about upcoming projects. The Marvel Breaking Into Comics Panel, which gave alot of insight as to the correct way to start getting into the business through writing, drawing, and publishing. The Buffy The Vampire Slayer Panel (which I went to with my hostess, I had never seen the show). The William Shatner Panel, which was one of the funniest I saw. Finally, there was the Con Horror Stories Panel, which had various writers and editors discussing the horrible things that had happened to them at other cons, also a great and amusing panel. The worst I saw was a Browncoats inspired fan film that was so God awful that I got up and left. Can't win them all I suppose.

The Swag

One of the great things about going to a Comic Convention is that you can pick up books that you normally wouldn't find in an area like West Michigan. I don't have them with me to list off the titles, but I'll be doing reviews of the independent and new titles that I got at the various booths. I also picked up a bunch of t-shirts, mostly in the Green Lantern variety of different colored corps members. The DC Booth had a ton of free books, posters, and buttons, so you can bet that I snagged a bunch of those.


Anti-Venom and Venom from The Amazing Spider-Man

There weren't that many costumes the first day, but on the second there was a Masquerade, so the costumes came flooding in. There were alot of girls dressed as Zatanna, the mistress of magic, as well Ramona Flowers from the Scott Pilgrim Universe. Deadpool was the most popular character that men dressed as, but as you can see from the picture of the Venoms above, some people went the more elaborate route.

My only regret was not getting a picture with this gorgeous Southern belle who was dressed as Black Canary, but I lost track of her before I could ask for a picture.

The People

This is what really got me: The People. I know the usual picture of someone at a Comicon is that they'd be the sniveling nerd who can't talk to girls, and that was true for a small percentage of the patrons, but most of them were really normal or cool people. I had thought that I was one of the few balanced and socially comfortable people who read comics regularly, but I guess that might only be around West Michigan.


In summation, I completely enjoyed myself. I saw alot of cool comic book creators and artists, met some famous people, picked up some great books, and I'd go back in a heartbeat. Muskegon is having the first annual MUSKEGON COMIC BOOK FESTIVAL, and I think I'm going to hit that up too. I don't know how big it's going to be since it's the first one, but it'd be worth going just to be there. Plus, this one will have a bar!

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