Monday, March 14, 2011

Batwoman #0 - Review

Who says Women Superheroes are Lame?

Batman trails both Kate Kane and Batwoman in order to prove that they are one in the same while assessing her combat skills and intentions as a crime fighter. After deciding that they're the same person, he tests his theory by disguising himself as a mugger and attacking her out in the open. He sees the same fire in her eyes that he has, that deep and burning pain of loss, and decides that she's someone who could do great things for the city. The issue ends with Bruce Wayne coming to the conclusion that he needs to sit down and have a serious talk with her about her future.

J.H. Williams III writes this new ongoing series about Kate Kane, a young socialite tramatized by the death of her mother and twin sister, driven to use her military training to take to the streets as the new Batwoman. She's not affiliated with the official Bat-Family, and has remained a mystery to its members until now. Kate Kane's real defining factor in the genre is that she's a confident, independent woman, as well as an open gay person. That's right, she's a lesbian superhero whose gimmick isn't being a lesbian. And you know what? It works. It works because it just accepts it as part of her personality and doesn't make it something that defines her. Who cares about sexual orientation? She's a strong character with drive and motivations that make readers want to continue along with her and her adventures.

The writing was very solid in this issue, and the artwork was incredible, especially the cover. The design of Batwoman's suit is a mixture of the classic Batwoman garb from her first appearence in Detective Comics, combined with the symbol and color scheme of Batman Beyond.

I'm going to be following this series to see how it develops, and I hope that she becomes a mainstay and an inspiration to both women and gay women everywhere. Hell, she's also just a cool character.

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