Saturday, March 26, 2011

Batman & Robin #21 - Review

The Dark Knight Vs. The White Knight

In this story continuing from Batman & Robin #20, the dynamic duo are encountering suicidal victims, elaborately dressed as angels, who seem to have no memory of why they were going to jump. A new villain known as The White Knight appears, painstakingly choosing his or her victims from Gotham's population of unsuspecting citizens. But there's something special about the people that The White Knight is choosing -- they're all relatives of super villains in Arkham Asylum! Can Dick Grayson find a way to stop this new terror before they kill more and more innocent people? Or will The White Knight cleanse the city of darkness once and for all?

This was a very interesting issue. The fact that they're not relying on the old villains for Dick Grayson's Batman and that they're using characters that reflect his darker side is genius. It's the way that it should be. Anyone who becomes Batman should have their own rogues gallery that shows the duality of them as a creature of the night. The thin line that can be crossed between costumed hero and maniacal menace. It's also wonderful to see someone try and strike back at villains through a very villainous deed, which isn't something that has been covered very often in the DC Universe.

Peter J. Tomasi is doing an outstanding job of writing this series, and I look forward to where he takes Grayson and Damian, who are shaping up to be wonderful partners.

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