Thursday, March 24, 2011

Batman Incorporated #4 - Review

Batwoman takes on her Predecessor

Continuing the story from Batman Incorporated #3, Batman and the Gaucho are forced to do battle to the death like in a classic Star Trek episode while across the globe Batwoman takes on Kathy Kane, the original Batwoman. After investigating a series of attempted murders and conspiracies, Batwoman keeps coming upon the ouroboros symbol, which is a snake eating it's own tail. Meanwhile, somewhere on a rocky coast, an older man in a large black hat and cloak sits and sings about a symphony of destruction soon to take place upon the Earth. As Batwoman defeats the Kathy Kane standing in the way to her only lead, she discovers that it's only an impostor of Bruce Wayne's former love interest and companion.

The story in this issue is broken into half: half with Batman, half with Batwoman. I have to say I honestly liked the Batwoman half of this issue a little bit better. And that the story of Batman trying to escape the death trap he's been caught in was boring in the issue before this and it's boring now.

It was interesting however to see Grant Morrison try to tie-in the classic books of the past with the books and continuity of today. Seeing Batman and Robin as the do-gooding chums in brightly colored costumes scared me a bit at first, but payed homage to where the series got its start.

On a whole, this issue is well written and well drawn, with artwork by Chris Burnham. I just want the Gaucho story line to be over. It's nothing that would stop me from reading the series, but it's definitely the least interesting part of it.

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