Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Batman Incorporated #3 - Review

El Batman!

Batman heads to Argentina to recruit The Gaucho, a Spanish crime fighter for the Batman Inc. Project that he's building. Three blind children have been abducted and are linked to a series of short stories written by authors about supervillains during WWII. Batman and The Gaucho are caught in a trap in which the only way to save the children from drowning is battle until one of them dies. Which is stronger? The kiss of the scorpion? Or the poison sting of betrayal?

Continuing Grant Morrison's new line of Batman comics, this issue was a little flatter than the two that preceded it. Maybe I'm just prejudice against Argentina's comic book lore, but the characters just didn't really seem fleshed out or imposing enough on the page. I suppose since it's a two-part story that I should wait to make any hasty judgements, but I'm willing to give Morrison the benefit of the doubt that not every issue of Batman is going to make my jaw drop. This book was pretty bland, but fun enough to read when there's nothing else to do.

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