Sunday, March 20, 2011

Amazing Spider-Man #656 - Review

Spider-Man's Promise -- NO ONE DIES ON HIS WATCH

In this month's installment of The Amazing Spider-Man Peter Parker deals with the loss of his spider-sense and his newest declaration as a crime fighter -- no one dies. After the loss of Marla Jameson at the hands of the Spider Slayers, Parker wants to make sure that he does everything within his power to keep people from dying under his watch. That means he'll protect the villains as well. When the new psychotic villain Massacre starts killing hostages left and right, it's up to Spider-Man to find a way to beat him and keep everyone safe at the same time.

Spider-Man has been a character that I've been turned off to the past few years, but I feel like he's coming back in a big way. It is strange to see him wearing so many different suits, but the fact that he works at Horizon and develops his own technologies makes sense as a character trait. He spent too many years as the intelligent guy who couldn't get by, and now that he has money and resources he's using them in a strategic way that allows the character to use his brains along with his brawn.

Dan Slott and Marcos Martin have created a very engaging and well paced issue that plays to the strengths of the new Spider-Man dynamic. The emotions of Parker, Jameson, and the lack of emotion displayed by Massacre resonates with every speech bubble and every stand alone image of the characters. The artwork has a fresh and clean feel while giving tribute to the color palette of old issues of Amazing Fantasy.

Overall I really enjoyed this issue and would recommend it to others who are thinking about getting back into Spider-Man.

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