Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Amazing Spider-Man #654 - Review

With Great Power Comes Great Loss

After developing a new device at Horizon Labs to destroy the Spider Slayer's insect soldiers, Peter Parker puts himself in danger by creating a weapon that could destroy his enemy's spider sense, as well as his own. With the minions of the Spider Slayer's army attacking all over town, Peter puts himself on the line when he has no choice but to detonate the device while in the blast radius. Peter may have lost his ability to dodge incoming attacks, but Jonah loses something far more precious -- his wife. While trying to save Jonah's life, Marla Jameson jumps in the way of one of Spider Slayer's tendrils, killed moments after the wound was inflicted. Jonah doesn't blame Spider-Man, but instead blames himself for what's happened.

Written by Dan Slott and drawn by Stefano Caselli, this issue of Amazing Spider-Man made a bold move by taking the wife of J. Jonah Jameson away in selfless act to protect the new Mayor of New York City. The artwork, pacing, and dialogue was all very well done, and even though I hadn't read the issues before it, it was easy to pick up on what was going on. One aspect of this new take on Spider-Man that I've really been enjoying is his new life as a research scientist at Horizon Labs, where he has finally found a career that suits his character.

Speaking of suits, this is an issue where he wears the classic the entire time. Some people are getting a little annoyed with all of the new duds he's been sporting lately, but I personally think it's cool that he's learning to fight his villains in a smarter way, especially now that his Spider Sense is gone.

There's also a preview for the new Venom series, where Flash Thompson tries on the symbiote for the first time. A great bonus for a wonderful issue.

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