Sunday, March 13, 2011

Amazing Spider-Man #651 - Review

New Job, New Suit, New Outlook on Life

Peter Parker takes on a new and more powerful Hobgoblin alongside Black Cat when they break into a stronghold belonging to the Kingpin (Wilson Fisk). Parker has designed a new and sleek stealth suit in order to take on this dangerous Goblin, who appears to always be one step ahead technologically.

I haven't been following the Spider-Man mythos too closely over the years, but apparently Parker has gotten a job as a researcher for a big technology company which is now giving him access to things he invents to fight crime, then sell as public products. Parker has always been training to be a scientist, so this makes sense as a shift for his career. It at least makes more sense than him selling his marriage and memories to the Devil (yes, that actually happened).

The artwork is pretty standard for most modern comics, and the coloring and writing were decent enough. It really felt like a regular episode of an action TV show. Not bad, not wonderful, but just plain.

Taking center stage was this new and improved Hobgoblin, who is revealed to be *Spoiler Alert* Ben Urich's nephew Phil Urich, who was once a heroic Green Goblin. His character comes off as much more interesting than Parker's does, but that might have just been this issue.

With the Amazing Spider-Man movie underway, I'm taking more of an interest in the serialized stories to see if this character can be brought back from the fan obscurity that it's entered into these past few years. People feel as if he's lost touch with his roots as a character, and that many current interpretations of him are either too bold or too "dude-bro" for some people.

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