Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Red Robin #20 - Featuring Teen Titans - Review

Tim Drake takes on Catman!

Tim Drake, or Tim Drake Wayne as he's often called now, was Batman's last Robin before Damian Wayne took on the role of The Boy Wonder. He's since grown up, been given control of Wayne Enterprises, and now prowls the street as Red Robin (I assure you, this character existed in comic book lore before the chain restaurant). Drake's adventures revolve around him being the middle child of the Batman Family, doing things on his own while being given most of the command over the Wayne fortune. Ever since his introduction, Bruce Wayne has known that Tim was destined to take up the mantle of Batman. Though he isn't old enough yet, stories intertwining with the future Justice League of America show that he will eventually pick up the cowl, being the best detective to ever grace DC.

This issue focuses on a plot to take out Tim Drake perpetrated by the deadly Calculator, who is the villain equivalent of the DC heroes Oracle (former Batgirl Barbara Gordon). He acts as the villains resident hacker and strategist, and recently had his system hacked by Red Robin. Calculator hires Catman (Thomas Blake) to track down and send a message to the young caped avenger. Catman is basically the DC Universe's version of Kraven the Hunter (of Spider-Man fame). He can track anyone, has superb fighting skills, and isn't afraid to get his hands red.

When Calculator's plans get too heavy for Red Robin to handle alone, he calls in the current Robin and the Teen Titans to help him deal with the threat.

Fans have long since loved Tim Drake, and his popularity as a self-made character is only growing with every story he's placed in. This series, though still new to me, has already got me hooked, and I'm going to be placing it on my monthly pull list of comics. If there was ever a subject for a one-hour TV show about DC characters, Red Robin would be a great way to explore the Batman mythos without having to rely heavily on Batman. Of course, that's just my opinion, but I'm sure others would enjoy it too. Just as long as it isn't anything like the Birds of Prey show that came out years ago. Ouch.

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