Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Batman & Robin #2 - Review

A Circus of Horrors for the Dark Knight

The new partnership takes some deadly turns as Robin (Damian Wayne) starts acting of his own volition, ignoring Batman (Dick Grayson) and the team dynamic. The very creepy circus performers under the leadership of the butchering drug lord Pyg attack the Gotham City Police Station, killing nearly a dozen people and injuring many more.

Dick Grayson starts to doubt his ability to pull off his role as Batman, and he and Alfred have a long and engaging conversation about what makes someone The Dark Knight.

Overall this was a buildup issue to the confrontation between Batman and the crime boss Pyg, but it really explores Dick's insecurities about being the head honcho. It was always going to be a matter of time before Bruce Wayne either was killed or moved on, and this series does well to explore the boots that need to be filled when he can no longer be Batman.

The artwork and pacing is just as same as the issue before, which is extremely well done. Dick operating out of the Bat Bunker, similar to that in the movie The Dark Knight, gives the sense of blank walls and a blank slate for the caped crusader, reflecting on how new everything is to Grayson.

So far the series hasn't disappointed me yet, and I still recommend it to any Batman fan. Then again, who doesn't like a good Batman story every once and a while?

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