Monday, February 21, 2011

Batman & Robin #1 - Review

The Dynamic Duo Reunited for the First Time

Following the events of Bruce Wayne's death in the DC Universe, Dick Grayson has taken up the mantle of Batman and has been given an all new series titled Batman and Robin, with Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne's son, taking up the role as the Boy Wonder. The series is mainly written by Grant Morrison and this issue's artwork was done by Frank Quitely.

Right off the bat, no pun intended, it jumps into action, with Batman and Robin using a new batmobile that can hover like the Delorean in Back to the Future. The dialogue and exchange between Grayson and Wayne is well played and executed, and the story itself moves at a wonderful pace. I'd honestly love to see the script for this issue, since I'm writing a spec Batman story myself.

The villains, which include a slippery customer named Toad and a butcher-themed crime boss named Pyg, are newer but classically styled Batman villains. Pyg especially, who feels more like he jumped out of a horror movie than from a detective book.

I got this first issue by accident back in August of 2009. It was put in my pull box at Lang's and I just bought it without really looking at it. I'm very intrigued by Dick Grayson being Batman, so I've decided to review all the issues of the series.

As far as this being a debut issue, I think that Morrison nailed the dynamic between this dynamic duo, and I'm excited to see how the relationship develops. I did pick up Batman and Robin #19 and #20 these past two months, so I have an idea of how it's ended up, but I'm still excited to see the road traveled to get there. Especially in that fancy new batmobile.

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