Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Batman - The Brave and the Bold Seasons 1 & 2 - Review

Suit up for Teamwork Old Chum!

The overall tone for Batman - The Brave and the Bold is a throwback to the glory days of Adam West, paired with the action packed modern flair of contemporary Saturday morning cartoons. Diedrich Bader does the voice of the caped crusader, and adds an old-fashioned feel to Batman's voice. The show is based on the Brave and the Bold comic series from DC, in which two heroes would join forces to thwart an enemy. In every episode, Batman teams up with DC's A-listers, B-listers, and even C-listers to take on villains of the same lettered caliber.

The show is designed to appeal to kids, but the jokes, references, and plays on words are all for comic book fans and adults who grew up watching or reading Batman and DC Comics. The show will often refer to old movies, big comic book moments, or inside jokes that only people from the previous generation will get. Not that it isn't good for kids to watch, my little cousin loves it, but the thing that is great about it is that anyone can enjoy it.

Tones of the show change quickly depending on who writes what episodes. Some of them are very funny and comedic, while some of them can be darker and more brooding. You get crazy episodes where he teams up with Uncle Sam to fight aliens trying to stop Americans from voting, then an episode written by Paul Dini (Batman: TAS) where Bruce Wayne gets to confront the man who killed his parents and decide whether or not to kill him. That's another big surprise in the show -- people die! The second season is much more notorious for this, having heroes sacrifice themselves in order to save others. It's a really gutsy move to do in a kids show, which is the same sort of gusto that Batman: The Animated Series pulled off in the 90's.

If your a parent looking for a way to introduce your kids to the Batman mythos, or just a fan who wants a cheekier look at the caped crusader, this is a perfect show to throw on and smile over.

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