Thursday, February 24, 2011

Batman #706 & #707 - Review

Batman tangles with the Sensei!

In these latest two issues of Batman, the Dark Knight finds himself up against the notorious Sensei, who plans to use a mask hidden in a wing of a museum donated by Thomas Wayne (Bruce's father), in order to suck the life out of his enemies. This Batman story has a bit more of the supernatural in it, and has some guest appearances by famous Batman characters. Though not the best Batman story I've ever read, it's a good serialized piece that delivers all the punches and pacing you expect from a modern Batman story. Watching Dick Grayson take on the same challenges that Bruce Wayne has faced time and time again gives a new atmosphere amongst the crime fighting action.

I recently subscribed to this title, so I'm looking forward to regularly reviewing it every month. The artwork is pretty standard for titles today, and the ending gives a great hook that makes you want to run out and purchase the next issue. Luckily I just have to wait until it's put into my mail box this time next month.

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