Wednesday, February 23, 2011

All Star Superman (Blu Ray) - Review

Grant Morrison's Legendary Superman Story Animated in HD

Grant Morrison wrote the ground breaking All Star Superman series, which finds the Man of Steel on the verge of death after an overdose of solar radiation. He's gained even more power than before, but his cells are exploding at an exponential rate. Clark Kent has to decide how to use his last few weeks in the world, trying to right any wrongs and tie up any loose ends that he might have missed. Lex Luthor, however, has got some plans of his own.

This animated version of the story is incredible, and though I haven't read the comic yet (the Blu Ray comes with a digital version of the comic for free) I can tell that they kept the exact same art style that the books used. The art and animation itself is beautiful, a testament to American animation with a hint of Anime themed direction and movement. On Blu-Ray, the colors pop and the Man of Steel couldn't look any better.

The only drawback with this story is that it assumes that the viewer knows a ton of backstory about the comic book version of Superman, and not the movies that most people are familiar with. If you don't know who Parasite, Brainiac, and Samson are, then you're going to be a bit lost. Especially with the asides about other living Kryptonians trapped in the shrunken city of Kandor.

That being said, knowing the source material doesn't make the movie unwatchable, but it does take away a bit of depth. The voice action and direction does make up for it, because you can believe that the Superman on screen (voiced by James Denton) is the Superman you'd run into if he flew down the street. Lois Lane (voiced by Christina Hendricks) comes off as the lovable and independent woman fans of Superman literature have learned to love, and the supporting cast knocks their roles out of the park.

Not being a huge Superman fan, I actually liked this movie alot. It has a very touching message that all Superman wants when he leaves is for everyone to learn to get on without him. It shows that even a Man of Steel can have his heart broken.

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