Monday, January 31, 2011

New Take on SPIDER-MAN

Can less CGI and a stylish new look save the world's favorite web slinger?

Spider-Man has seen some bad times in the past few years. Many fans of the comics feel that, since the reveal and then un-reveal (not a word) of his identity, the character has suffered and lost his integrity. In the film world, Spiderman 3 was a financial success, but everyone agreed that it was garbage. Now that Mark Webb (Ha-Ha!) is going to be directing, it looks like the series is going to take a much more stylistic approach to the Web-Head.

The costume itself is radically different. With changes in the shape, fit, and design of the classic spider suit. It even looks like some silver trim has been thrown in around the boots and back.

I for one kind of like this outfit. It reminds me of a mixture of the Spider-Man outfit Ben Riley wore in the 90's, mixed with the classic suit we all grew up with. Also, it seems as if the eyes are actually goggles instead of cloth. Something that would make a ton of sense if you were swinging at high speeds with wind in your face.

From a video of this scene in action, it seems that they're primarily using wires for the web swinging and stunts. Whether or not this will transfer well to the final edited project is guesswork at this point, but I think it's great that they're trying to stay away from the CGI overdose the other films pushed on us. This might be a way to give this character the same treatment Batman got in his 2005 film reboot.

Paint me impressed. Which, if you ask me, is a shade of whitish blue. I'd really love it if they could restore one of my childhood favorites to an empty storage space in my heart. Especially since it looks like they're going to make Hal Jordan out to be a Tony Stark replica in the Green Lantern movie.


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