Monday, January 10, 2011

NBC's The Cape - Series Premier

Tales of "The Cape"

NBC recently had the premier of it's newest comic book styled show, "The Cape," this past Sunday. I just watched the series premier and I was pleasantly surprised at how fun of a show it actually is. Borrowing heavily from the Golden Age (Beginning of Comic Book Superheroes), this story of a cop framed for criminal activities turned caped avenger pays homage to classic comic book franchises while adding it's own flair. The series has an overall "Batman" sort of theme to it, but also utilizes Golden Age characters like "The Escapist."

The Cape himself is actually a comic book character in the show, who the main character, Vince, takes on as a persona as a beacon of hope to his son, Trip. He uses illusionist methods taught to him by a gang of bank robbers known as the Carnival of Crime, and uses a special cape woven from actual spider's silk. The cape itself is his weapon, able to retract and stretch it to a supernatural extent. All of his gadgets are explained through the art of escapism, naming famous escape artists who used them throughout the years.

I'm interested in seeing where this show is going, and I think I might have finally found a fun/cheesy American science fiction show to watch for a while.

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