Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Favorite Underrated Comic Book Characters - PART 1

Everyone is familiar with the big guns in the comic book medium: Batman, Superman, Spiderman, the X-Men, and countless others that get turned into cartoon shows or movies. But today I want to look at some of the little guys. Some of the characters that only someone who might actually read comics or care enough to see a minor character and go, "wonder who that is?"

So here's a small list of characters that I think are awesome who don't get enough attention.

1. Green Arrow/Oliver Queen

Known as the "Emerald Archer," Green Arrow is the world's greatest shot with a bow and arrow, and has always been a strong member in the JLA. Though he has his own comic book title and many fans, he often gets written off as just a background character. If you like characters like Batman who have to use their wits and own human skills in order to conquer baddies, this guy is for you. Though he is a little more "left" than Batman is.

2. The Question/Vic Sage

The obvious inspiration for the "Watchmen" character Rorschach, The Question is a faceless detective who is probably the only character in the DC Universe who can match wits with Batman or Sherlock Holmes for that matter. Another character who relies on his physical training and intelligence, The Question is a little less conspiracy driven than Rorschach, but does now borrow some things from the character that was based on him. Pretty strange, huh?

3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Many people forget, or just plain don't know, that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles started out in panels and not cartoons. Also, the comic book version is raw. We're talking Sin City raw. In the later versions of the comics that are still running, the Turtles are a little less violent, but still take on more realistic and social problems like gang wars and drug trafficking. I had heard rumors of a film version of the comic series, but alas, Disney now owns the TMNT franchise. Don't see that happening anytime soon.

4. Guy Gardner/Green Lantern

Known as "The Warrior," Guy Gardner isn't really that popular among Green Lantern fans or comic book fans in general. At least, from the circles that I've spoken with. Which is a shame, because I'd say Guy Gardner is the DC Comics equivalent to Marvel's Wolverine. He's got an attitude, doesn't get along with that many people, and has a strange complicated past. When push comes to shove, Guy gets the job done.

5. Captain Marvel/Billy Batson

Wrongly known to many as Shazam, the character's actual name is Captain Marvel. Given all the powers of the gods, Captain Marvel is Earth's magical protector, who is also just a little kid who turns into a full grown man. You can imagine the story possibilities when a ten-year-old is charged with acting like an adult while saving the planet time and time again.

Upon reviewing this list, I noticed that most of them are DC characters. I want to apologize for Marvel fans, as I'm more of a DC fanatic. I'll do another installment with a wider base in the future.


  1. Hey, Trident Gum, most is an understatement... I'm sorry none of them is Marvel sounds better. That's ok but The Flash reaaaallly should be in there as well. He is not just a guy that can run fast. DC screwed epic up when they explained his powers! First he has the power to control kinetic energy, turning anyone or anything into a permanent statue. That means he could stop Superman dead with a touch in suspended animation. He can in essence move to any moment in time or space or create a new dimension and lob you into it until only he decides to get you out. If you think that is HC he can hit with the power of a supernova infinite times from every angle at once. Oh, btw, when DC puts him in space with a helmet its more of an accessory than necessity. He could slap around Ion like a toy. Basically, The Flash is a God but if DC ever let him be more than fast what would Superman do all day?

  2. Hey, 4 out of 5, me again... just poured an ice latte over my chocolate bitesized shredded miniwheats... try it... anyway you should watch a movie called Double Indemnity. Classic, verrry classic. Looney Toons did a spoof with Daffy. Summed it up quite well for a 15 min cartoon. Its a movie about insurance fraud and betrayal. I give it 4 out of 5 haaaaa :P