Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eden of the East - Review

Noblesse Oblige

12 individuals have been selected to carry hi-tech cell phones, each with 10 Billion Yen installed and one condition: Use the money and the super-intelligent onboard computer "Juiz" to bring radical change to the country, or you lose. What does it mean to lose? Death.

This thrilling series is another that took me by surprise. It's modern day science fiction and suspense wrapped into a spy thriller. The main character, Takizawa, even refers to himself as Jason Bourne at one point, having lost his memory and being chased by people he doesn't know. It's a series that explores the dangers and powers of money, and how the slightest influence and affluence can change the world for the better or for worse.

The series is short, but it is followed by two sequel movies that continue the main narrative. The story is tight, lean, and well scripted. The characters are believable and are easily invested in, making this show a gem to watch.

I'm conflicted as to whether or not I'm going to actually buy this one, because it is on sale on amazon.com right now for about 60% off the blu-ray. Ah, what the hell, I've sold myself in this review.

See it!

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