Saturday, January 29, 2011

Batman: Detective Comics #872 - Review

An Auction to Remember

I had originally been very harsh to the idea of the Batman Incorporated story line, but the writers and artists of DETECTIVE COMICS have always delivered the best Batman stories. When I saw the cover for this issue, I was instantly intrigued. The creepy look of that gas mask with a raised crowbar reflected in it spoke to me on the shelf, and I'm glad it did. The crowbar in question is the same one the Joker used to beat Jason Todd (Robin II) to a bloody pulp before blowing him up with explosives. The reason it's featured in this story is because it's up for auction by a mysterious character called The Dealer, who has been selling DC supervillain merchandise to the rich and famous for years. Dick Grayson, who is now Gotham's Batman, sneaks into the event, only to be found out and cornered by a mob of crazed socialites in gas masks.

If there's one thing the DETECTIVE books do well, it's keep the crime noir feel of the original Batman stories. Though this is a part 2 of 3, I'm intrigued to get the next issue to see what happens to the new fledgling Batman.

Dick Grayson does surprisingly well as the new caped crusader, and it seems that he'll be the resident hero for Gotham City for some time.

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